Who Controls Your Remote: Breaking Co-Dependency

Who controls the remote controls the channel. I was sitting in my bathtub praying when I heard this phrase. The Holy Spirit kept repeating it to me over and over again until I finally spoke it out loud. Tears streamed down my eyes as I said it because I knew what He meant by it. You see I had been asking God to give me the revelation about a dream I had and that was His answer. He said to me, “Who controls the remote controls the channel.” Someone else had been controlling my channel or the way I received information. This person took the place of God in my life. Instead of seeking God for wisdom, guidance, direction, clarity, and understanding I sought this person. This person became my Go

Prophetic Word: So Where You Want To Grow

How often do you sow financial seeds in the Kingdom of God? If your answer is never than that's why you never have any money! I'm kidding, but not really! Listen, I am not here to debate with you about the Kingdom principle of sowing and reaping. Whether you believe in it or not, it is a spiritual law that whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap (Galatians 6:7) . What I am here to do is release a Word the Holy Spirit revealed to me over the weekend. For the ones who have faith enough to believe and receive it here is the Word: Sow Where You Want To Grow. In this season God wants you to sow seeds (money) into fields (Kingdom leaders and ministries) that are producing the type of fruit y

Spiritual Tips On How Help Your Sexually Abused Love One

Today I am wrapping up my three part series, "Overcoming My Molestation", by sharing some spiritual tips on how you can your help loved one dealing with the after math of being sexually abused. Spiritual Tips #1-Don't Overreact. If your loved one confides in you that they have been molested or raped, DO NOT OVERREACT. I know hearing this type of information is upsetting and it is natural human reaction to get mad and want to seek revenge on the person that did it, but that is not the time for that. Cussing, yelling, and just acting a plum fool after they tell you that is not what they need in the moment. What they need is your compassion and support. Getting sexually abused is a traumatic ex

What Is Great Faith & Do You Have It? Part 3

As believers of Christ, we are called to walk by faith and not by sight. All of us have been given a measure of faith from God. While we all need faith and should be living by faith, our ultimate desire should be to obtain and master great faith.  What is great faith you ask? Great faith is the unshakable, unchangeable, and immovable belief in God, His Word, and His ability to perform His written or Rhema Word in your life. This type of faith doesn't come overnight. It comes through years of testing and trying. My prayer is that everyone who reads this post and all the posts in this three part series develops this great faith. Now let's talk about immoveable faith! To find out what unshakabl

What Is Great Faith & Do You Have It? Part 2

There is faith then there is great faith. God wants all His children to have a great faith. Great faith is the unshakable, unchangeable, and immovable belief in God, His Word, and His ability to perform His written or Rhema Word in your life. In the first part of this series I talked about what it means to have unshakable faith. If you haven't read part 1 yet, I highly encourage you to read it now, Great Faith Part:1. Now that you know what unshakable faith is, let's talk about unchangeable faith! What is changeable faith? I am glad that you asked! According to The Strong's Greek Dictionary, unchangeable (aparábatos) means not passing away or untransferable. The English Oxford Living Dicti

Overcoming My Molestation Part 2

The Revelation I never thought in a millions years that I would be sharing my story of being molested. For years, I kept my feelings about it compartmentalized in the back of my mind. I didn’t talk about it, I didn’t think it, but it was always there. The other day on Instagram I read a quote that said, “You don’t have relationship problems. You have unresolved children problems that are disguising themselves as relationship problems.” –Raz Soos Being molested and forced into engaging in sexual activity at a young age made me subconsciously believe that all men were sexual predators. This belief made me develop a Jezebel Spirit. According to http://www.jonasclark.com/sex-jezebel-spirit-and-t

What Is Great Faith & Do You Have It? Part 1

If Jesus had a tagline during His ministry I believe it would have been "Have Faith In God"! Jesus lived, spoke, and taught faith. He knew without faith it was impossible to please His Father. The Word of God says, the just live by faith (Hebrews 10:38). God has given each of His children a measure of faith (Romans 12:3). As we mature and grow in our spiritual walk with Him, we should be praying and asking Him to increase our measure of faith. We all should pray to obtain great faith, the type of faith Jesus has. Throughout His 33 years on this earth, Jesus lived, spoke, and taught great faith. So what is great faith? Great faith, as given to me by the Holy Spirit, is the unshakeable, immova