God says, "Keep Holding On"

On yesterday, as I was worshipping God I begin listen to a powerful song "Still Holding On" by Gospel legend Duranice Pace. Immediately as I begin listening to it, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit come upon me and I begin weeping uncontrollably. Duranice's anointed voice began to minister to my spirit and reminded that God still wants me to believe the promises He made me will still come to pass. In spite of the delays, opposition, and attacks, what God promised He will perform but I have to keep holding on. And so do you my beloved. I don't know what you are trusting and believing God for, but He wanted me to tell you, "Blessed are they who believe I will fulfill My promises to them"

God Will Intervene When You Intercede

#SheTeachesYouHowToPray Sometimes I feel this strong urge to pray for people. Sometimes the urge will come completely out of now where. The Holy Spirit will place someone in my heart and mind and immediately I will start praying for that person. Sometimes I know why am praying for them and others times I do not. Have you ever felt that urge? Many times if you have a prayer burden you will feel a heaviness of heart, spiritual mourning, and restlessness that compels you to pray for a person until you feel a release of peace. At times, I have felt physically sick until prayed for the person that has God placed in my heart. It is like God won’t release you from the burden until you have prayed f

Don't Know What To Pray? Pray In The Holy Spirit.

#SheTeachesYouHowToPray Have you ever tried to pray and no words came out of your mouth? Like literally, you were trying to pray but you had no idea what to pray about it. If that has ever happened to you, don't feel bad. It happens to me all the time. Sometimes I get in my prayer closet and I know exactly what and who to pray for. Then other days I just sit there like, "Okay Lord You called me to pray about but I don't what to say!" When we go into prayer we are not always going to know what we should pray for and truth be told we are not always going to feel like praying. But thank God for our Helper, the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:26-27 says, "And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For

Prayer To Grasp The Full Love Of Christ

If we grasp the full love of Christ, we won't grab at other things to full us." - Lysa TerKeurst. Yesterday while watching a reality show the Lord begin to speak to me. He said to me, "Why is that My sons and daughters seek love from men and women who don't know me? They so desperately chase after love from others when I have an abundant love that overflows if they would only chase after Me." All of us have a need and desire to be loved because God created us that way. Yet, what most of us don't know is the love we so desperately crave in others can only be found in Him. You can't give love if you haven't first experienced and received it. The bible tells us God is love and love is God (1