Christian Books That Helped Me Deepen My Walk With God

I want to grow closer to God. That's the number one statement I get from people all that time when they found out I have Christian blog ministry. I even get it from my subscribers. How do we grow closer to God? First of all, let me say it is something we should be doing intentionally every day through prayer, worship and praise, and studying and meditating on His Word. Our mouths should be continuously blessing and praising His name. While going to church and being active in your church's' ministry is great, the time you spend with God outside of church is how your relationship with Him begins to grow. We should be pursing God daily and one of the ones I do this is through reading and liste

Prophetic Word: Be More Specific In Your Prayers

I woke up yesterday morning to a very fascinating dream. While I cannot share the details of the dream, I can share the revelation God gave me about it. After waking up and laying in my bed for a while, the Lord say to me, "The results of your dream were a manifestation of a specific prayer you prayed in the dream." As I thought back on what happened in the dream, certain scenes were highlighted in my memory and I realized that the words I had spoken in the beginning of the dream came to pass at the end of the dream. Now while I would love for what happened in the dream to manifest in real life, I know God was using the dream to illustrate a very important principle to me. If we want to see

Prayers From The Book of Psalms

Do you ever struggle to pray? Of course you do. We all do. As Christians, we are suppose to be praying without ceasing. Translation: that means every day! But sometimes, we don't know to say when we pray. Naturally, most of you are thinking well that's where the Holy Spirit comes in! Yes, the Holy Spirit helps up pray when we do know what to pray for. He intercedes on our behalf through wordless groans to the Father (Romans 8:26). In addition to praying in the Holy Spirit, another thing you can do in those moments when words just won't come out of your mouth, pick up your bible and search through the book of Psalms.The book of Psalms has many prayers written by King David that you can pray a

Exercise Your Authority In Christ: Spiritual Declarations

Lately, the Holy Spirit has been teaching me about the authority I have as a believer in Christ Jesus. God told me it is time for me to mature in walk with Him and start using the authority and power Christ has given me.  When it comes to spiritual warfare, many of us have been slacking. We have gotten into this “The Lord will fight all my battles for me” mentality. And yes, there are some battles God will fight for us, but there are some battles we have to fight ourselves by exercising the authority Jesus has given us in His name. Jesus has given us power over the enemy! We don't have to put up with His demonic attacks! If the enemy is attacking your finances, family, loved ones, job, busin