Many times, when we wake up in the morning, we have the same mundane, routine. We wake up, use the restroom, brush our teeth, get the kids ready for school, and head off to work. Seeking God or spending time in His presence is usually the furthest and last thing on our mind. But to grow in our daily walk with Christ, seeking God in the morning should be the first thing we do when we open our eyes.


Early Do I Seek Thee: 31 Days of Seeking God in the Morning is a book for those ready to take their personal relationship with God to the next level. The scriptures, devotionals, and affirmations in this book will give you the spiritual insights you need to activate your faith and ignite your love for God in a deeper way.  Give God the first few minutes of your morning and watch Him transform your whole day!

Early Do I Seek Thee (Book)