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Free Spiritual Resources

It is more blessed to give than to receive and on this page I am giving you lots of free spiritual resources. Download a freebie today!​

17 Days Of
Praying The Word

31 Days of Victory 

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This e-book includes 17 short daily prayers and affirmations that will reignite your prayer life if you pray them faithfully. So carve out time over the next 17 days to pray and pray the Word!

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Our greatest weapon against the enemy is the Sword of The Spirit which is the Word of God. Jesus won his battle with the enemy by speaking the Word of God of back to him. For 31 Days, I am sharing my favorite victory scriptures. 

Nehemiah: Bible Study Workbook

Pink Gold Simple Journal Writing Prompt

Declare Yourself Healed

Get ready to take a deeper dive into the book of Nehemiah in the bible. Use this workbook to help you record the spiritual lessons you learn and the prayers God places in your heart! 

Declare Yourself Healed.png

To help you claim your healing, I have created daily declarations based on scriptures you can speak over yourself everyday until you see the manifestation of your healing! 

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