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She Is?

Hello, my name is Amber Bryant and I am the creator of She Writes It- a ministry dedicated to encouraging, equipping, and empowering you in your daily faith walk with Christ through prophetic writing and prayers. If you are looking to grow closer to Christ, you have come to the right place! Let me help you, subscribe for weekly updates and free spiritual resources.

Rodney Reed is an innocent black set to be executed for a murder he didn't commit on November 20. You have a voice. You have a platform. Help me spread awareness and free Rodney's life. If you got the time, please listen to me speak my mind. #FreeRodneyReed

She Speaks Her Mind is a weekly podcast that features me speaking my mind on trending topics in the news with a spiritual perspective. 

Daily, we get bombard with all kinds of news going in the world and rarely do we get a biblical perspective on what's going on. 

While I will be giving you a spiritual perspective, I can promise you the podcast will be entertaining! So don't expect to tune in every week for a mini-sermon, but rather listen with the intent of being entertained, educated, empowered, and encouraged. 

If you got the time, listen to me speak my mind!

She Speaks Her Mind Podcast

She Prays

Are you in need of prayer? Do you need someone to stand in agreement with your faith? Let me pray for you. Click here to send prayer requests.

She Gives

It is more blessed to give than to receive and on my She Gives page I am giving you lots of free spiritual resources. Download a freebie today!

She Teaches

From weekly blog posts, prayers, videos, free e-books and worksheets, get ready to be equipped and empowered with biblical teachings you can apply to strengthen your faith and build your spiritual foundation in Christ.  

Embrace The Morning!

Early Do I Seek Thee

Early Do I Seek Thee: 31 Days of Seeking God in the Morning is a book for those ready to take their personal relationship with God to the next level. Give God the first few minutes of your morning and watch Him transform your whole day.

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Need To Revive Your Prayer Life?

Does your prayer life need a boost? As men and women of God, we should be praying without ceasing (translation: every day), but the truth is we don't. And sometimes when we fall off for awhile it's hard for us to start back. That's why I created this E-book. The e-book includes17 short scriptural prayers and affirmations to help you revive your prayer life.

I believe when you don't know what to pray, pray God's Word because it will not return to you void because He watches over it to perform it! 


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On Thursday We Take It To The Throne


Every Thursday join me in the #ThroneRoom for weekly prayers and decrees on how to properly petition our Heavenly Father in prayer and intercede on the behalf of others.