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She Writes It Ministries 

Hello, my name is Amber Nicole Bryant and I am the founder of She Writes It Ministries, an online Christian ministry dedicated to encouraging, equipping, and empowering you in your daily faith walk with Christ through weekly blog posts, prophetic revelations, prayers, worship music playlists, and free spiritual resources.

If you are looking to grow and strengthen your relationship with Christ, you have come to the right place.  I pray that content and resources on this site are a blessing to you. 

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One Day At A Time:
Self Healing Journey For The Rejected Soul

Order my new book, One Day At A Time: Self Healing Journey For The Rejected Soul.

In my new book, I share my own personal experiences with dealing with romantic rejection and the strategy I used to heal myself and break free.


Click the button below to learn more information about the book and to  order your copy of the book!


She Writes It Blog

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Need To Revive Your Prayer Life?

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Does your prayer life need a boost? As men and women of God, we should be praying without ceasing (translation: every day), but the truth is we don't. And sometimes when we fall off for awhile it's hard for us to start back. That's why I created this E-book. The e-book includes 17 short scriptural prayers and affirmations to help you revive your prayer life.

I believe when you don't know what to pray, pray God's Word because it will not return to you void because He watches over it to perform it! 


It's time to reignite your prayer life, sign up to my mailing list and get your free copy today!

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