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Thursday Therapy: Poetic Confessions

Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, I felt the layers of my cocoon walls unraveling. The struggle was over. Layers of pain, bitterness, sadness and rejection had finally fallen off of me. No more tears. My heart is healed. My soul is whole. I am free. Free to fly. Free to breath. Free to live. I got my wings now, I have transformed. Look for the me in the wind because baby, I am gone.

Today I am sharing some prophetic poems I wrote. These poems were written therapeutically. I believe in the healing power of words. I believe in the healing power of release. Through these poems, I have released layers of heartache and pain. I am sharing these poems, my private poems, with you to inspire you to release your own pain. Write your healing, not your condition. Poetry is out my outlet. It is how I express myself when I don't have the courage to speak the words out loud. I understand, writing is not everybody's choice of release, but I pray these poems inspire you. I pray they encourage you. I pray they heal you.

Now that I have my wings, it is time for me to help others get theirs too. Read these poems, and let them speak to your spirit. Be healed. Be free. Be made whole.


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