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What Are You Spiritually Eating?

What have you been eating? Naturally, you are reading this and thinking about physical food. But that’s not what I am talking about. No, I am asking what have you have been eating spiritually? What music and podcasts have you been listening to? What TV shows and movies have you been watching? What books have you been reading? Who do you hang around and talk to on a consistent basis? What are most of your dreams about lately? If you have been sinning a lot lately, I can tell you right now that your spiritual diet is bad.

You can’t live a holy and righteous lifestyle and heavily partake in the things of the world. The two just don’t mix, like oil and water. Being a believer in Christ requires we live a certain lifestyle and eat certain food (Word of God). Remember, Jesus said, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4). Physical food sustains the body, but spiritual food nourishes the spirit.

Okay, now that we understand the concept of spiritual food. Let's talk about ways to incorporate more spiritual food in our daily spiritual regimen.

1. The important spiritual nutrient your spirit man need is PRAYER. Your spiritual life depends on prayer. If you prayer life is dead or needs a boost, set a daily prayer schedule. One of my favorite hacks is using the alarm clock app on my phone and setting daily prayer times.

Another prayer booster is doing a prayer challenge. Pick someone or something to pray about and consistently and earnestly pray for that person for thing for a month straight (30 days).

One of my suggestions is purchase a prayer journal (I have one you can purchase). Prayer journals are great tools to help you stay accountable in your prayer life.

2. Read and study the bible three to four times a week. Honestly, you should read and study the bible everyday because that is what the Word tells us to do (Psalm 1:2).

Too busy for daily bible study? No you are not, not as long as you have the bible app in your phone. Use it and listen to audio recordings of the bible. You watch and listen to everything else. So listen to a few chapters of the bible. Now, I personally like to physically read and study the bible. I feel like I get better revelations that way, but every now and then I will listen to the audio bible.

If you are just “too busy” to sit down and physically pick up your bible, turn off the radio in your car and listen the bible app while your driving to your various destinations.

Take notes when you read and study in the bible. Doing this helps you go back and study what you read and get deeper revelation later.

3. Praise and worship God throughout the day. Praise and worship is something you do from your heart. You can’t schedule “praise”. Either you genuinely want to praise and worship God or you don’t. And I will admit sometimes praise is a sacrifice. It can be hard to praise God when you are in feelings (mad, sad, frustrated, etc.).

Yet, you have to be like King David and bless the Lord at ALL TIMES. Not just the good times, the bad times too. If all you can say is bless the Lord. Keep saying that throughout the day to you truly mean it from your heart.

4. Be mindful of what you watch and listen to. If most of your time is consumed watching reality TV, which promotes lust, violence, jealously, insecurity, bitterness, anger, and the list goes on, what spiritual fruit do you think will produce in your life. You can’t listen to trap music every day and think you are going to produce the fruit of love and peace.

One of the things I highly recommend you do and is listen to sermons and spiritual teachings on YouTube. I do this daily while I am at work and it helps my work day go by so much faster! Also, it helps me learn and stay spiritually encouraged and empowered throughout the day.

5. Last, but not least, get up early in the morning and read a daily devotional (lol you can order the one I wrote below). You will be amazed how short morning devotional can spiritually energize your entire day.

What are you spiritually eating? I pray this post blessed you. I hope you become more spiritually conscience of what you digest in your spiritual diet.

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