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Who Controls Your Remote: Breaking Co-Dependency

Who controls the remote controls the channel. I was sitting in my bathtub praying when I heard this phrase. The Holy Spirit kept repeating it to me over and over again until I finally spoke it out loud. Tears streamed down my eyes as I said it because I knew what He meant by it. You see I had been asking God to give me the revelation about a dream I had and that was His answer. He said to me, “Who controls the remote controls the channel.” Someone else had been controlling my channel or the way I received information. This person took the place of God in my life. Instead of seeking God for wisdom, guidance, direction, clarity, and understanding I sought this person. This person became my God. I relied on them for everything. That is until God allowed the remote to drop and the batteries to come out. Without the batteries, the remote had no power. In a dream God showed me that I was allowing this person to have to much control and influence over my life. He told me on several occasions to pull back from the person and limit my conversations with them, but I didn't. The more I pulled away, the more this person pulled me back in. But finally, God said enough and enough was enough and pulled the batteries out!

The batteries in the dream represented my mind, soul, and heart. My soul/heart was attached to this person, which allowed for the person to be able control my mind. By having access to my mind, this person was able to control the information I received. Who controls the remote, controls the channel! The channels I listened to and watched were all programmed by this individual until God said NO MORE. My question to you today is who controls your remote? Who are the people you allow to speak into your life? Who do you confide in? These people have influence over you and who influences you controls your channels (thoughts). In this season God wants you to regain control over the remote. Many of you, including myself, need to disconnect from some people to reconnect back to God. God should be controlling our remote controls.

The reason I allowed the individual in my dream to control the remote is because I became co-dependent on them. I allowed the person to have full access and influence over every area in my life. What started off as friendly mentor-ship relationship turned into me not being able to think for myself. All my thoughts were filtered through the lens of that person's perspective. They controlled my music, movie, and TV channels. If they said don't watch that person anymore, I wouldn't watch that person anymore. This person had full control over my life. Now some of you are reading this right now and thinking, why would you allow this person to have so much power and influence over you? Well, I am glad you asked or thought it! I did it because that person said....God said..... God told me....I heard in my spirit. Because I felt this person had a close relationship God, I believed everything they said came from God. Not once thinking that I had my own personal relationship with God and that I could go to God for myself.

While God uses different men and women of God to speak into our lives, He doesn't want those people to be the only way we hear from Him. God rebuked me over the weekend and said to me, "Did I tell you that?" In other words, what He was saying to me is why didn't you come to about that situation. What did I tell you about it? Why didn't you ask me? Why didn't you confide in me?! I became so dependent on this one individual that I stopped going to God for myself. All my personal Words from God came from them and from Him. And that my beloved is the definition of co-dependency! My dream of the remote control and the batteries was God telling me that it was time from me to detach and disconnect myself from that person. That person has served their course in my life. While at point God used them to spiritually mentor and guide me, that season is over and so is their assignment.

Next week I am starting a two part series, called Breaking The Spirit of Co-Dependency. I share my story with you today in hopes that it will make you do an internal evaluation in your own life. Who controls your remote? Who has influence over your channels? Really think deep and hard about that.


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