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The Daniel Fast: Biblical Fundamentals

New Year, New Fast. That's right, it's that time of year again when everybody and their mama is doing an individual or corporate Daniel Fast. If you are not familiar with the Daniel Fast it originates from Daniel 10:2-3, " When this vision came to me, I, Daniel, had been in mourning for three whole weeks. All that time I had eaten no rich food. No meat or wine crossed my lips, and I used no fragrant lotions until those three weeks had passed." At the time, Daniel had just received a vision from God about the future return of Christ. The deepness of the dream left Daniel without understanding. So he went without food and mourned before God to get the revelation of the vision's meaning. Because of his intenful sacarfice God sent an angel to explained the vision. 

Now we know the origins of the fast let's talk about what the fast consists and the purpose of it. The Daniel Fast is a 21 day partial fast that includes abstaining from meat, rising yeast, diary, processed foods, and sugar. The only foods allowed on the fast are fruits, vegetables, nuts, brown rice/past, whole wheat, and water to drink. While there are modifications to the Daniel Fast, biblically from Daniel 10:2-3 those are the food requirements. The purpose of the Daniel Fast is to deprive the body of eating certain foods as a way to kill the flesh and get closer to God through increased prayer, bible study, and meditation. With any fast, always consult with God and He will guide you on the overall and specific objective.

Okay, so we know what the Daniel fast is and it's purpose! Let get into the fundamentals!

1. Increase Spiritual Awareness-Anytime you are on a fast that makes you abstain from eating, you are killing your flesh and when your flesh is subdued your spiritual awareness increases. This allows God to speak to you on a deeper level because your flesh is not distracting you from listening to Him. So expect deeper revelations, visions, and dreams during a fast. 

2. Morning, Noon, and Night-During the Daniel Fast,  you need to increase the time you pray, read, study, and mediate on God's Word. Psalm 55:17 says, "I will pray morning, noon, and night, pleading aloud with God; and he will hear and answer." While on the fast, you should need to set designated times during the day to pray and read God's Word. Like David, you should set your daily prayer and study time for morning, noon, and night. The purpose of the fast is to get closer to God. 

3. You Keep Your Fast A Secret-Jesus gives us detailed instructions in Matthew 6 on how we should conduct a fast:

Matthew 6:16-18:

"When you fast, declining your food for a spiritual purpose, don’t do it publicly, as the hypocrites do, who try to look wan and disheveled so people will feel sorry for them. Truly, that is the only reward they will ever get. But when you fast, put on festive clothing, so that no one will suspect you are hungry, except your Father who knows every secret. And he will reward you."

When fasting, keep it a secret. Keep who you tell to a minimum. Fasting should be done with the sole purpose of hearing and getting a breakthrough from God. Not for you to show off to off to other people and act self-righteous. During the 21 days, don't tell people you are doing it. Just do it! 

4.  Keep a Holy Posture-The greatest passage of scripture about fasting in the bible is Isaiah 58. If you are clueless about fasting, read Isaiah 58. When we fast God expects a certain type of posture and attitude from us. During a fast, we should refrain from evil pleasures, arguing and quarrelling, and oppressing others. God also expects us to help others during our fast by sharing our food and material resources. To sum it, during our fast we should be walking in the Spirit. When we allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide our lives we will not gratify the desires of our flesh. 

5. Write You Revelations Down-It is vital that you write down any revelations, visions, or dreams you receive during you fast. God speaks heavily during fasts and He also sends angelic visitations as well. So be open  and write what you hear and see down. 

Alright my beloved, I pray these fundamentals blesses you and helps you during your next Daniel Fast. 


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