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Prayers From The Book of Psalms

Do you ever struggle to pray? Of course you do. We all do. As Christians, we are suppose to be praying without ceasing. Translation: that means every day! But sometimes, we don't know to say when we pray. Naturally, most of you are thinking well that's where the Holy Spirit comes in! Yes, the Holy Spirit helps up pray when we do know what to pray for. He intercedes on our behalf through wordless groans to the Father (Romans 8:26). 

In addition to praying in the Holy Spirit, another thing you can do in those moments when words just won't come out of your mouth, pick up your bible and search through the book of Psalms.The book of Psalms has many prayers written by King David that you can pray at anytime. Prayers ranging from help, protection, justice, peace, forgiveness and more. The prayers David spoke and wrote thousands of years ago are still being prayed and yielding great results to thaose that pray them.

In fact, two of the most famous prayers from the book of Psalms are Psalms 91: A Prayer of Protection and Psalms 121: A Prayer of Help. These prayers are internationally known and two of my personal favorites. Because I love them so much I decided to personalize them and share them with you below.

Click each of the prayers and you will be able to download them!

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