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How Many Black Loves Gotta Die Poem

As an African American woman, I am grieved and outraged by the merciless and evil murder of George Floyd. Out of my emotional anguish, I wrote a poem to God. I wrote this poem from the feelings in my flesh, and God responded back and answered me in His Spirit and Sovereignty. Read the poem below.

My cry and complaint to God

How many black lives gotta die

How many more tears do we have to cry

How much more can our hearts take

How many more heartbreaks

How many more times will they cry out, I can't breathe

How many black parents gotta grieve

How many more marches and protests do we gotta do

How many more times will we be told by our local, state, and federal law enforcement officials we won't help you

How many speeches do we gotta say

How many more prayers do we gotta pray

How many more times will we be told time to calm down

How many more times will we fight for justice but justice not be found

How many more videos do we gotta see of black lives being taken before our eyes

How much longer do we have to put up with the cover up and lies

How many more black women, how many more black men

How many more cases will the racist white cops cases win

How many more times will they tell us they were threatened for the their life

How much more will the justice system get way with their deliberate division and strife

How much longer will being black be a crime

Tell me Lord, how much more time?

Do you not see, do not care

When they kills are you there

Lord, please answer me

The Father answers....

Correct your vision, change your lens

I am going to tell you how you will fight this battle and win

You cry out for justice from a corrupt a system that is regulated by the powers of hell

Yet, you turned them to help you when they only kill you, torture you, and put you in jail

You say I don't care, I don't see

How dare you mock Me

I love all My Children and I feel your pain

And I want My righteous justice to reign

You see police Brutality

I see demonic principalities

You think you are fighting against "the white man"

But you fail to understand

It's not you against them

It's you against him

Satan, the true mastermind

The true enemy who is orchestrating all of these evil crimes

You want me to intervene, I will when my people pray in unity and repent for their generational iniquity and sin

Cry out, fast, pray decree and declare my Word then you will begin to win

Then you will see breakthrough

And My righteous justice will granted to you. You see I care any my heart grieved too

But until you fight in the spirit and boldly declare my Word Word there is nothing I can do to help you

Because I watch over my Word to perform it and it does not return to me void but accomplishes what I sent out for it to do

So how many more lives depends on you

I here to grant you justice when you ask Me too

I will intervene when my people intercede

I can turn even the most corrupt hearts around

And make the wicked justice system now down down

Because my Son Jesus name holds the highest power

His shed blood is what you to plead in this hour

Then you will begin to see victory

And decreased racism and police brutality

You say how much more can you take, do, and say

I say If my people will pray

And fight the right way

Then they will see

My Word always was the missing key

That held their freedom and victory

How many, how more, depends on you

I have given you My answer, Now what are you going to do

Did this bless you? Did it inspire you to seek justice the right way? If it did, please share it on your social media platforms.

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