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Racism, The Principality Demon That Rules This Nation Part 1

Our country is in war, but not the type war most people think we are in. No, we are not in a race war. We are in a spiritual war. Our fight is not against flesh blood. It is not against white people nor is it against police officers. Our fight is against the spirit of racism, a high ranking principality demon that unleashes the spirits of division, strive, hate, pride, and murder. Racism is bigger than just "whites against blacks". Racism is a spirit sent by Satan to overthrow God's plan of unity, love, and peace. Through this ruling demon, Satan has been able to carry out his mission of stealing, killing, and destroying God's people for thousands of years.

In Ephesians 6, Apostle Paul breaks down our fight. "For we are not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this dark age" (Ephesians 6:12). Again, we are not fighting against white people or police officers, we are fighting against the spirits that operate in them.

While most people equate racism with white supremacy, racism is not just limited to the Caucasian race. Racism, in its most simplest definition, is the hate, prejudice, and discrimination of one race against another or the ideology that one race is more superior than others. That is how the dictionary defines racism. I describe it as an ruler demon that infuriates godless men and women with the spirit of pride, hate, and murder.

The moment you begin to hate another race, you a racist. It does not matter what race or nationality you are. Do I hate what white people have done to my race and are currently still doing to my race? YES I DO! Yet, I am spiritually mature not to let the actions of some white people make me hate their entire race. Not all white people are bad nor or all police officers evil and racist.

Some of you reading this now are probably thinking, well what about white privilege and systematic racism. Yes, it exists and and yes it was white people who implemented and continue to implement unjust laws, rules, and polices against minorities (anyone not white). I cannot argue against that. However, I can emphasize my point again that racism is demonic spirit used by Satan to bring enmity among God's people. To be fair, I will say that white people are filled and operate in the spirit of racism more than any race of people on this earth.

Many Christian historians and theologians have given possible reasons and thought provoking theories on why Satan specifically chooses to use the white race to aid him in his mission of stealing, killing, and destroying God's people. One theory is white people are the cursed descendants of Gehazi, the servant of Prophet Elisha in the bible.

Since Gehazi lied and accepted gifts from Naaman on behalf of Prophet Elisha, God cursed him and his entire bloodline with leprosy. The same disease Prophet Elisha had just healed Naaman from. Because of the greediness in Gehazi's heart and his lying spirit, God cursed him and his future generations with having white skin (leprosy). For information about this story, read 2 Kings 5.

Though this theory has never been spiritually or scientifically proven, I think it's plausible and explains why the Caucasian race feels it must dominate other races. Besides the white race, all other races on earth have some form of melanin in their skin. Since the white race is the only race that does not melanted skin (darker skin), I personally believe the white race rationalizes this is as a "privilege and blessing" from God. Hence, where the white privilege mindset originates from. The irony is that their perceived blessing is actually a curse.

This revelation and mindset, in my opinion, makes the white race the perfect race for Satan to use to help him carryout his destructive plans against God's people on earth. Like Satan, they are forever cursed by God. They can not undo the curse. They must forever pay for the sins of Gehazi. Just like Satan must forever pay for his betrayal against God.Seems like they have something common? Yet, white people are able to receive redemption of their sins from Jesus Christ. Something Satan will never be able to do. Again, this is all subjunctive, but it gives a possible reason on why white people, more than any race, allows the spirit racism to enter their hearts.

As I wrap the first part of this series up, I want to end with these reaffirmations:

1. We are not fighting against flesh and blood (white people or the police).

2. Racism is a principality spirit, which means it is one the highest ranking demonic spirits in the kingdom of darkness.

3. The spirit of racism operates in people who do not have the Holy Spirit operating inside of them and people who have unconfessed and unrepented sins, iniquities, and transgressions in their hearts and bloodlines.

4. The spirit of racism does not exclusively operate in white people, it operates in all races.

5. White people are more prone to operate in the spirit racism because of the curse of leprosy upon their race. A disease which differentiates their skin from other races.

6. Not all white people are racists or operate in the spirit of racism, and even the ones who do can be forgiven, delivered, and set free from it.

7. Satan is the real enemy. He uses people to do his bidding and he is the mastermind behind the spirit of racism.

Because of my controversial views against the white race in the post, I am prepared to receive some negative feedback from some people. However, my subjective views is not an indictment against the white race. Just my personal opinion from my own personal research and bible study. I love all races, but God has put a mandate on my life during this season to expose the roots of the spirit of racism and teach His people how to fight against it in the right way.

In Part 2, I will discuss how to fight against in the spirit. In Part 3, I will discuss how to fight against the spirit of racism in the natural after the victory over it has been won in the spirit realm!

I pray this post has blessed and educated you! If it did, please share it with others on your various social media platforms.

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