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Repentance and Renunciation Prayers

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Today I am wrapping up my series, You Have The Power To Cast Out Demons by giving you a list of repentance and renunciations prayers and videos.

Listen, and I mean listen, before you attempt to cast any demon or principality spirit you need to make sure you have repented and renounced all legal rights the enemy has over you and your bloodline. DO NOT cast any demon without repenting and renouncing of your sins, transgressions, and iniquities. Just don't it! Because not only will the demons not leave, they will attack you even more and bring some of their friends. You have the power and authority to cast out demons if you are living a life of righteousness and holiness. If you are not, get yourself together!

Okay! Let's get into this last part of the series. Below are repentance and renunciation prayers I use and verbally recite before engaging into spiritual warfare and deliverance, AKA, casting out demons!

Bloodline Cleansing Prayer

Kundalini Repentance and Renunciation Prayers (Practicing Yoga, Chakras etc.)

Anger Repentance and Renunciation Prayers

Money Renunciation Prayers

Gossip, Slander, Criticism, Judgement Renunciations & Prayers

Leviathan (Pride) Renunciation Prayers

Jezebel Renunciation Prayers

Sexual Renunciation Prayers

Okay, I think I have given you enough prayers and videos. I highly encourage you to pray these prayers and watch the videos and pray along with them.

Again, before casting out any demon, make sure there are no legal rights open. Repent, Renounce, and then cast out!!!!

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