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Secret Addictions, Secret Sins: Courts of Heaven

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

If you have not read part 1 to this series, please read it here.

I prayed about it. I fasted about it. I decreed and declared. I bound and I loosed. I cried out to God. I did everything I knew to do to get delivered from the sexual demon that kept me in bondage. Yet, even with doing of all that, the spirit remained. My addiction came back and the dreams didn’t stop. I didn’t understand. As a child of God, I know I have authority and power to cast out demons. I understand that some demons are stronger than others and require fasting and prayer to cast them out. I have even had several deliverance ministers pray and lays hands on me. Even they couldn’t cast the spirit out. I know it’s God’s will for me to be delivered, but why hasn’t my deliverance come. Will it ever come?

Those were the thoughts in my head until the Holy Spirit revealed another spiritual dimension to me. A dimension where my deliverance was guaranteed. In this dimension God sits on His throne as the Righteous Judge and grants verdicts to spiritual cases in the Courts of Heaven. Now before I received the revelation of the reality of this dimension, I had heard of it before through an article I read on It intrigued my interest at the time I read it, but I didn’t do any further research about it until last year. Last summer, the Holy Spirit lead me to watch a Facebook live video about the operating in the Courts of Heaven. That video changed my life and I sought out to learn all I could about this new spiritual revelation.

The Courts of Heaven is a real spiritual realm and a real court system. Apostle Robert Henderson is the best spiritual teacher to learn more about this realm. Below are snippets of an article He wrote about this dimension.

Jesus taught that prayer is in three spiritual dimensions. He showed prayer as being a child approaching a benevolent father (Luke 11:2-4; Luke 11:11-14). He pictured prayer as a friend petitioning a friend (Luke 11:5-8). He then placed prayer in a judicial system as He spoke of a widow presenting her case before an unjust judge (Luke 18:1-8). We can see truths concerning the spirit realm in these three distinct arenas of prayer.

When we come before Him as Judge, we are dealing with an adversary resisting us in the spirit realm. The adversary can only resist us based on legalities in the spiritual dimensions. This is why in Luke 18:3 and I Peter 5:8 we see the word "adversary" used to reflect Satan and his forces. The word "adversary" in the Greek is "antidikos" and means an opponent in a lawsuit. I Peter 5:8 shows Satan as the adversary who is seeking whom he may devour. He cannot devour at will. He must find a legal right in the spirit realm that allows this.

To understand this, we should know that everything is legal in the spirit realm. This is why Jesus' death on the cross was the "greatest legal transaction of history." When Jesus died on the cross, a judgment and verdict was released and rendered against Satan. It was as if the Judge, sitting on His bench, rendered a verdict. This is what Jesus meant when He said, "It is finished" (John 19:30). This statement meant that every legal requirement was now satisfied. As with every verdict rendered, for it to have power, it has to be executed into place by legal representatives of the court. The Judge doesn't step down from His bench or position and enforce the verdict. There are officers of the court who have been empowered to operate in this function. Their job is to enforce the verdict that has been rendered. This is our job and position as the people of God and His church through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is why Jesus said when the Holy Spirit would come, He would execute into place the judgment rendered from the cross. John 16:8-11 declares the mandate of God that would occur through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus also said the Holy Spirit will manifest or execute into place the judgment already rendered against the ruler of this world. Notice Jesus said this ruler "is" judged. He was speaking about what He would accomplish on the cross. The verdict of the cross would be rendered and the judgment against Satan complete. One of the purposes of the Holy Spirit's coming in the upper room of Acts 2 was to empower us as His judicial representatives. We are here, through the empowerment of the Spirit, to execute into place the verdicts of the cross against all of Satan's works. We enforce the finished work of the cross until there is a full manifestation of all Jesus died for. Healing, deliverance, prosperity, family reconciliation, redemption of cities, discipling nations, and a full demonstration of kingdom glory can then appear. For this to be accomplished, we must learn to step into the courts of heaven and function there as His representatives. We never outgrow approaching God as our Father or Friend. Coming before Him as Judge though, we deal with the adversary that is resisting God's passion from being fulfilled.

For many of you, this revelation may be hard to believe. That’s why I skipped over it when I first read about it. But trust me, it’s real and we need to know about it and learn how to properly function it. We can engage the enemy all day long in spiritual warfare, but if he has a legal case against in the spiritual realm, we will lose our battles with Him until that legal right is revoked.

Before we fight the enemy on the battlefield, we need to first take him to the Courts of Heaven and get all the legal rights he is holding against us dismissed. Legal rights stop us from getting our healing, breakthrough, deliverance, and other promises Christ died for us to have. We have the victory in Christ, but we need to get it first in the Courts of Heaven.

Next week, I wrap up this series and talk about my experience in the Courts of Heaven and how I finally got my deliverance.

Want to learn more about the Courts of Heaven? Watch the follow videos below.

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