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When Demons Won't Leave: Breaking Legal Rights

Today I am continuing part 3 of my series, You Have The Power To Cast Out Demons by telling you the reason why demons and demonic powers won't come out when you commanded them to leave.

Through this series, I have established to you that you have the power and authority through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to cast out demons. All believers in Christ have the right to cast out demons. It is not a special privilege for pastors, prophets, apostles, or deliverance ministers. All children of God can cast out demons.

Now....what happens when you are walking in your daily spiritual authority, strongly filled with faith, and you attempt to cast out a demon in a person and the demons tells you, "I ain't going no where." Yes, demons talk! What do you do? Why won't the demon leave? The demon won't leave because it has a legal right to stay. So what is a legal right?

Instead of me writing a super long blog post trying to explain to what they are: watch the videos below and let them speakers of the videos tell you! I highly encourage you to watch all the videos listed below. And watch the entirety of each video. One of them may hold the key to your or someone you know healing and deliverance breakthrough.

I hope you watch these videos! Watch them on your free time. One thing I would like add to these videos is you cannot cast out or bind a demon you are in agreement with. In addition to confessing and repenting of your and your bloodline's sins, transgressions, and iniquities, you have to come out agreement with demonic spirits and powers by verbally renouncing them. According to Merriam Webster dictionary to renounce means to give up, refuse, or resign usually by formal declaration and to refuse to follow, obey, or recognize any further.

Before you cast out any demon in yourself or others, make sure that all sins, transgressions, and iniquities have been confessed and repented of and renounced.

Next week, I am going to wrap up the series by listing a link of various renunciation prayers and videos.

I pray this post blessed you! If it did, please share it on your various social media platforms.

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